Surviving a Deceitful World

“Hearing from God”

SOMETIMES I WATCH things unfold on YouTube. A couple months back, there was a young man making videos—early 20’s. He seemed meek and with a good attitude. He had been born again” about 6 months back and started “hearing Jesus” about 4 months after. “Word” after “word” of “Jesus’” undying, desperate love for us. “Words” about what a faithful and humble servant this yougod speakingng man was and for everyone to “listen to him.” “Words” to “put the puzzle together.” Quickly, his subscribers went from a handful to thousands. One day, he shared a “word” from someone else he knew that had a “word” to share. More gushy, feel-good love festing. Except. Except there was this ONE little sentence in there… stating that Jesus (the purported person dictating the message) sinned. Oh, but, not to worry, it was only once. He “sinned” at the cross, as He “doubted” for just a moment whether His Father was with Him. No biggie—just once. The very next day, “Jesus” told the young man that He would “get His Bride” before Christmas. The people cheered. After all, there were all these “words” going around that Jesus would “rapture His Bride” in 2013, anyway. Obviously, Christmas came and went. Oh, no, wait, Christmas “goes all the way to Epiphany,” so maybe He meant in January.

Eventually, the young man came forward and repented for having read the “word” about Jesus sinning. He said He had been deceived and that he should have known that his friend had a false message (though he prefaced that video saying that “Jesus” told him to read it). And, what do you know? “Jesus” gave him another “word” for the people, informing them that this guy was for real and the other was false, and stop picking on “His servant” because he was just deceived. To this day, I am certain there are those who will defend this as having come from God, but somehow, we misunderstood or He decided to change His timing, etc.

You know… there are A LOT of religions that were born of false revelations, false spirits. But we cherish them because it makes us feel good that God shared this special knowledge “just with us.” Case in point: When I was young, I used to be a Seventh-Day Adventist. Adventism got started with a prophetess that had received “special revelation from God,” about everything from the Sabbath, to dietary and lifestyle rules. I had never heard of any “church” having had a prophet, so clearly, this was special. Now we know that much of the “God-revealed” teachings came from other writers, contemporary to the prophetess… and that she suffered from some type of disorder from a head injury, associated with hallucinations.  Does that matter to the people? Not to the  majority of them—it is an entire culture, and they really work that Sunday-is-the-Mark-of-the-Beast angle, so people are in fear of there being “no more sacrifice for their sins” if they turn their back on “THE Truth.”  But this isn’t some kind of anti-Adventist rant.

Mormonism. Jehova Witnesses. Christian Science. Many groups that claim to believe in Jesus. YouTube. How many are actually based on “personal” revelation or interpretation? This is dangerous ground and we need to approach this with Holy Fear, making sure it is the Voice of our Shepherd and not a stranger.

The Lord Jesus promised us that the Holy Spirit would lead us unto all Truth. And herein lies the battle, because following any kind of spirit opens us up to deception if we do not have discernment and proceed with caution, testing the spirits. GOD IS ALIVE AND HE SPEAKS! But, make sure it’s Him.

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  1. Yes, it is wise to make sure that the voices we hear are really from God and not from our enemy. Jesus is alive and he only wants the best for us. Thank you for the message.

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