Surviving a Deceitful World

Eating Crumbs


TODAY MY SON learned about the value of a crumb.

We were sharing some leftover cake for a snack and I knew my 4-yr old son might be tempted to take some of his sister’s (20 mo. old), as she is not as quick to eat. So, I got up to do some dishes and told him: “If you take a single crumb from her, you will not have any more cake today.”

A minute later, I see him hovering around her and bringing his little finger to meet a crumb. The crumb stuck to his finger. I told him: “Remember, if you eat that, you will lose the slice of cake you have for later.”


Slowly, he brought the crumb to his lips and ate it with a smile:

“Okay, no more cake for you today.”

“Mommy, mommy, mommy… It was an accident! Can you give me one more chance?”

“I’m sorry, honey. You decided that crumb was worth it for you to lose your whole slice of cake.”


It made me remember when I used to live my life pursuing crumbs. Still paying the price for some of that… hmph…

>>The pleasure of any sin… it is no better than a crumb when it comes to the JOYS/GIFTS/PEACE/BLESSINGS of Jesus Christ. He is not just a slice: He is the cake! The Sweet Bread of Life. Don’t settle for the temporary feel-good pleasure of a CRUMB!!!

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