Surviving a Deceitful World

Such a Fanatic


I’ve heard the following explanation for the boldness of David before Goliath: David was very brave, but he was also very smart. He studied Goliath’s moves and David was able to determine Goliath’s weak point. He went into the fight with a carefully determined strategy–if all he had was faith, then, he would fall into fanaticism. (Explanation from a Catholic priest I heard.)

I have a lot of trouble accepting the validity of this theory for many reasons which are beside the point of this post–but the part which disturbs me the most is the implication that someone who is sold out for believing God (faith) is naïve, at best, but, mostly, a little off in the head.

And, even though, I think most of us who claim to follow Jesus Christ will say, “Oh, no, no, always believe God, blah-blah-blah,” when we look at things for what they are, we should be more alarmed by the wide-spread moderation, hesitation, and tentativeness to share the Gospel and do the things which Jesus commanded us to do.

We need to get fanatical, and I’m not kidding. Well… after all, we have a fanatical God.

 fa·nat·i·cal  (f-nt-kl)


Possessed with or motivated by excessive, irrational zeal.

Don’t get me wrong, but, think about this: God has given and continues to give without measure; without any reason for us to deserve; without any logical explanation for His Forgiveness and Grace unto ALL. He is a true fanatic of us. Why, then, do we hold back so much? Jesus wants to share His Glory with us. He gives us authority on this earth. Why do we hold back? We are promised to be partakers of the divine nature. We have victory of sin and death because of Jesus Christ. Why do we hold back? It’s not about us or proving ourselves to be correct. The blind need light. The fields need salt. The lost need Jesus.

We are told, “All things in moderation”… “Nothing is black and white”… “Who’s to say we’re right and others are not?”…. We forget it’s not about being accepted of people. It’s not about winning a philosophical argument. It’s not about converting people into “our church.” It’s about the reality of the Kingdom of God. Was it not “at hand” even 2,000 years ago? We need to get a little fanatical in our faithfulness. Being a fanatic is possessing a zeal for which there is no earthly, “logical” explanation. It’s not being “reasonable.” Do we really want to reason with the ways of this world?

Is this not a world of half-measures? Of fillers and imitations? All things muddled are presented as good and quiet compromise is the specialty of the champions of peace and harmony. But light cannot mix with darkness, can it? We need to get a little fanatical.

And here’s the thing: Truth be told, personally, I know one of the reasons I am tentative and hesitant is, not that I don’t believe that Jesus is True and that He delivers us from sin, no matter what, no matter who. But, for a long time I’ve felt like I don’t want to “do it wrong.” I don’t want to misrepresent. And, in my mind, I’ll some day find somewhere where people gather to edify each other and train and practice just how to bring the Kingdom and do all the things which Jesus commanded–heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, preach the Gospel.  And THEN I can do the work. But, I tell you what… I think I’m going to be sitting around for a long time if I keep waiting for someone to come a long to hold my pretty little hand through it.

God has already proven Himself to us. He has already proven Himself to me. Because of Jesus, the veil from the Temple is torn forever. We have access to the Father and He is willing and able to be our Almighty God. I think back to three yeas ago, when He pulled me out of the hole of death and lies that I had made for myself. When I have fallen, He has forgiven and comforted me. The same can be said for all of us in one way or another.  God is True and Jesus is Lord.

We have work to do, and I don’t want to let the voice of Doubt pipe up with its lies anymore. Let’s declare war on Doubt! Let’s declare war on lies! Let’s declare war on Fear of man, moderation, hesitation, and tentativeness! And let’s get fanatically faithful for our fantastic, fanatically faithful, Loving Father God!


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