Surviving a Deceitful World

IT NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE ME how God, in His Mercy and Grace, grants me new insights (as simple as they may be) into stories I’ve heard a thousand times, whenever I explain them to my 3-yr old.

I’ll share one of these simple insights with you with the parable about the “Good Samaritan.”

So, I always thought the story was about how Jesus answered a tricky lawyer of the law, regarding “Who is my neighbor?” and how Jesus used the fictional Samaritan man to illustrate what it means to do unto others as you would have them do onto you… being nice, self-less, generous, overlooking prejudices and such.

But I realized there’s more to it, as I was breaking it down for a toddler. See, the man who was jumped… he was left for dead. He was PRACTICALLY dead. That is our state (death) before coming to Jesus Christ, who is the Only One Who may give us True Life. The dead man remained dead with the two men who knew religion. Religion cannot give life. Religion doesn’t even TRY to give life. You can take a man to church, but you can’t make him LIVE.

The third man, the Samaritan–SAVED his life. He presented the man with the care he needed to be brought back to life: healing of wounds, taking him to a place of rest and restoration, securing for Him the supply of nourishment. All these things apply in the spiritual through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The True Life, which only He can give us, is the most precious thing that we can have in this world. I want True Life for myself. I want True Life for my children, for example, because I love them so very much.  But, what about other people? Do I love them enough to do unto them what I want for myself? (True Life) So, then, it is only when we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we are obeying the commandment of Jesus to “Go and do likewise.” That is how we can be like the Samaritan. Not in being “good” philanthropic people. But in doing unto others with the True Life from Jesus Christ.

Yes, I realize it’s a simple revelation. But I praise and thank the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ for it… because I am a simple person.

This life is just a vapor.

Where will you spend ETERNITY?

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