Surviving a Deceitful World

In one of my interactions with a Jehova Witness, I told the lady about who Jesus really is (God in the flesh) and that we must have a personal relationship with Him to enter His Kingdom. I showed her Bible verse after verse.

I suggested she go to “Jehova God” in prayer and ask Him to show her whether what I was saying was the truth or a lie. I said, “Don’t you think that “Jehova God” will show you and answer you?

She clutched her JW Bible (their own version, interpreted to reflect their beliefs) triumphantly and said, “I don’t need to. Jehova God has already said everything I need to know right here.”

… And that is one of the ways you recognize a CULT! Why? Because she is trusting the Bible? Noooo… because she is trusting the understanding that she has been given by people, by man. Not by the Holy Spirit. Not even by her own personal research. But by something she had been fed, and that she received as truth, without ever checking with the only Truth there is: Jesus Christ.

Do YOU ask Jesus to guide you? Or do you go to another source?  Are you an active member of a cult?

The CULT of…



*Denominational teachings/traditions?

*Self-help books?


We reject God when we act as if He cannot speak for Himself.


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