Surviving a Deceitful World

LET’S NOT PRESUME THAT we’ll be able to decipher social problems or controversies by our own intellect or common sense. AND, ABOVE ALL, do not be a victim of the deception about “following your heart” or “conscience”. What does Man know? NOTHING.

If you are ever unsure about something… ASK JESUS CHRIST! As He is alive! Wake up: He is alive and He knows all. He hears you. He sees you. He knows what goes through your heart and mind. Don’t let the “experts,” “activists”, or “psychologists” create your life’s standards. Today is the day to decide whom you will serve: God–Creator of all–or the world and its ideals.

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and wicked; who can know it?”–Jeremiah 17:9

If we live by our own conscience, we presume ourselves to be our own judges and gods. This is idolatry. God gave us an intellect so that we could decide. Do not let yourself be carried away by the currents of this world which is passing away.

The time left is short. Each beat of your heart is a gift from God. How many people just died in Japan (tens of thousands) without one more opportunity to decide to follow the only true God? The sad truth–even beyond the tragedy of the loss of life, the radiation, the hunger and cold they are going through–is that thousands of people headed to the Lake of Fire for eternity. Because they chose to worship something else besides the ONLY true God who saves the soul. Are there any idols in your life?

God does not ask for sacrifice. He does not ask us to go light up candles to Him. He doesn’t even ask us to go to a church to give alms. What God asks for is OBEDIENCE which comes from our love to Him.

Jesus Christ is returning soon. The judgement of this world is at the doors. May our hearts have repented from rebellion against God who loves us so. May we be humble enough to ask for His Holy Spirit so we can do His will. Without the Holy Spirit, our best offering is like a dirty rag. Without His Holy Spirit, we are all hypocrisy.

God doesn’t ask us to be “good.” He alone can change our hearts. Only His power. Not ourselves.

May the Lord Jesus be our only Teacher. Only by His blood are we saved.

Comments on: "Social Controversies: How to Know Where to Stand" (2)

  1. I enjoyed your post. especially the suggestion of “ask The Lord Jesus Christ”, he is alive.

    This is so true. He is so real, I don’t see how it’s so hard for people to believe so.

    • Jesus bless you!
      So funny… I went to your blog and read the first blog that appeared. I was actually looking into that same topic tonight. I lean more and more toward your understanding of “God is ONE.” All glory to Jesus. Amen.

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