Surviving a Deceitful World



When I’ve heard people say that to me, I’ve usually thought that it was a pretty empty phrase to say. What does that mean exactly?

What does it mean when WE say we “believe in God…” when we say say we “believe in Jesus,” even.

Most of the time, when people say this they mean that they think there is a God out there or that they think Jesus existed and He died for our sins and etc. We all know “the story.”

The problem is that we have taken the word “belief” and turned it into something so wishy-washy… “Well, that’s just my personal belief… etc.”

How can it be “JUST what we believe” when the way we carry out our whole entire lives is dictated by the things which we hold to be true? In other words, our ACTIONS, BEHAVIORS, THOUGHTS, and REACTIONS… these are all directly correlated to our belief systems.  You are who you are because of all the little things you believe about everything! From the brand of shampoo you buy to who you vote for, to the car you drive, to the way you raise your children. It’s all based on a personal worldview.

Our words don’t matter at all. We can talk the talk, can’t we?

The talk of a friend who will stick with you.

The talk of a spouse who promises to do better.

The talk of an addict who will beat the addiction.

Oh, we can talk.

So, going back to our question: What does it mean to believe in God?

Well, first, let’s establish that we are talking about the True Living God… the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God who gave His Only Begotten Son, Jesus, the Christ, so that whosoever should BELIEVE in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

THAT God. The TRUE God. Jesus Christ.

Belief in God is NOT:

-Attending a building we call “church.”

-Being a member of the “right” denomination.

-Completing the traditions and rituals that clergy determined.

-Trying to be a “good person” so that the good you do outweighs the bad.

Belief in God means I know that I know, that He is Creator of all and that He is in control of all. That includes my little life, with my little family, my little problems and my little joys. He is in control of THAT.  I will praise Him.

Belief in God means that I know that I know, that I need to put all my TRUST in Him for all decisions, because He knows the end from the beginning and I want to do His will. I will praise Him.

Belief in God means that I don’t life to serve myself and all the things that the flesh wants to do: lust, retaliate, covet, lie, live for the pleasures of this world. Instead I live to please Jesus and do His will by the power of His Holy Spiritl. If I seek His will, He will show me. I will praise Him.

If you claim that you believe in God… “I believe in you, LORD”… is that another empty phrase for you? I pray that it is not. Is it, though? Only you can figure that out.

Ask God to forgive you if you have been living your life, claiming to believe in Him, yet not living FOR Him. Ask Him to forgive you if you claim to believe that Jesus died for your sins, yet you haven’t asked Him to be the Lord of your life so you can serve Him (with power from the Holy Spirit) instead of yourself.


Because eternal life is only found in Jesus Christ. I’m not just talking about what happens after we die. Yes, DIE. YOU WILL DIE. You will stop breathing and your heart will stop beating. And you don’t know if it’ll be from old age in your sleep or if a car will run you over next Thursday. There is no way you can control WHEN and in what manner you WILL DIE.

So, if you are not living in Jesus Christ, yes, you will go to hell. Maybe you will drag your children or loved ones with you? Sorry, but there is no “purgatory.” That is a made-up fairy tale. It doesn’t matter if you are a nice person. It doesn’t matter if you never took the time to make a conscious decision about who you wanted to serve (Jesus or yourself). You will only have eternal life with God if Jesus is your Lord and you serve and love Him above everything else.

But I’m not even talking about that kind of eternal life only. I’m also talking about your life NOW, while you are breathing. We can only truly live if He is our Master. Otherwise, we live in a state of numbness to the reality of existence… doped up by the distractions and sedation of what the world has to offer. We merely go through life REACTING as opposed to living. Much like Pavlov’s dogs. Ding-ding-ding. Drool.

Don’t live like a programmed animal. Decide what it is you believe TODAY before it’s too late. It’ll be too late by the time you find out when it’s too late.

BELIEVE in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and let your life demonstrate it.  Talk to Him. He WILL answer an honest seeker of Truth.


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