Surviving a Deceitful World

A Message for Christians

YOU KNOW, I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE a diplomatic person. I’ve always thought that there are ways to come together and reason something out, and that, worse come to worse, we could always “agree to disagree.”

But there is no way to soften this:

You need to repent. You need to repent, and you need to do it now.

I know this because, chances are, you are part of the majority of Christians.  And the majority of Christians love this world and love their sins. They are sleeping. They say, “We are saved by grace.” And they keep on sinning. They say, “God just wants us to be happy.” And they engage in idolatry. They say, “Nobody’s perfect.” And they trample over the sacrifice of Jesus.

That is a cheap grace… a counterfeit happiness… and an excuse, whispered in your ear by Satan.

It’s true that Jesus is the only One who is perfect and without sin. But that is precisely why He had to come to this disgusting sinful world if He wanted us to be saved–because nobody else could deliver us. Not our good deeds, not our sacrifices, not our prayers.

We Have a Problem

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so that whosoever shall believe in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

If there are any Bible verses you know, it’s that one.

Sometimes, we take something we know well and turn it into a catchphrase or a saying. We stop understanding what it means. Sometimes, we take it to mean something that it does not. It does not mean, “Just believe that Jesus existed and you’re good to go.”

Believing in Jesus has to do, first of all, with understanding the human condition. The human condition is that we have a problem. A HUGE one. Our problem is that God is holy and righteous. It’s a problem because, since the fall of Man, we have sin in our nature, and God, in His holiness and righteousness, MUST judge. Judgement is necessary–anarchy is not good. We, inevitably, fall short in the outcome of this judgement. So short, in fact, that nothing we could ever do could atone for our state. We would literally be destroyed on the spot if we were to come in contact with God.

Solving Our Cosmological Paradox*

But just like God is holy and righteous, He is also merciful and loving. He loves us to the point that that Jesus (God incarnate) accepted to pay the penalty on behalf of every single human being on this planet that ever was. In this way, God remains holy and just, but made a way for us to be with Him in perfection forever.

Jesus came to do a lot of things for us. He taught us Truth; and He showed us how to love God and how to love each other. But the most important things He did for us was become our substitution (1 John 2:2) . I don’t think we can really understand the extent of the sacrifice. I don’t think we give the deserved weight to His ransom for us.  Jesus didn’t pay the tab for us by being beaten, crowned of thorns, or by being crucified. As terrible as His death was in its physical component, the most horrific part of His payment on our behalf was receiving the wrath of God unto Himself. God CRUSHED Him with His wrath, so that God’s holy justice could be satisfied and so you could come to God and He could come to you. THAT is grace. It’s there for all of us who believe in Him. God, in His love and mercy, went to great lengths to make it unbelievably easy for us to be saved from righteous judgement so that we could be with Him forever in fully-restored perfection. It only takes a simple act of free will. God’s grace is truly incredible.


*Section adapted from: “How did Jesus die for our sins?… exactly?”


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  1. Great Article, continue to provide us with this great view of things that many of us will just see or take for granted.

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