Surviving a Deceitful World

I WILL NEVER EXPRESS ANYTHING BUT FONDNESS for my time within Seventh-Day Adventism. I have met some of the warmest, most caring, and kindest people in that church, and I continue to love you all. I was never mistreated, manipulated, or attacked, as may be the testimony of some former Adventists. I know many in that church love Jesus and serve God with all their hearts. But I left. In short, when I researched some of the Church’s peculiar doctrines in detail, I felt there were errors too important to dismiss. I did not want to compromise and continue being a part of it just because I was comfortable. So, I left. And, do you know what happened?

I fell far away from God. Far, far away.

I started to blame God for making His will “so difficult to understand.”

I rationalized.

I sinned.

I rationalized.

I filled my mind with worldly thoughts and desires. I fed my ego. I cultivated my pride. I would not forgive. I was bitter.

And do you know what happened?

God rescued me. He rescued ME!

It all started with a silly YouTube video, believe it or not. It was some kind of comedic rambling about 2012. Through a series of related links, I eventually started more serious  searching and researching about what goes on behind our backs… stuff like conspiracy theories… Illuminati, NWO, the UFO deception, etc.* (This pretty much sums up how I feel about it.) Eventually, that led me to researching the unbelievable efforts taking place to eradicate and distort the reality of God and Jesus Christ… stuff like Aleister Crowley, Madam Blavatsky, New Age beliefs, Oprah, etc. (As a side note, I gotta tell ya: If you believe in the mantras of “Do your own thing” and “To each their own,” “Do what feels right for you,” etc., I’m afraid you’ve fallen for their agenda of lies, my friend.) At the end of it all, I discovered the most important thing of all, and which makes all these side issues even more peripheral. And that is that, in all my time going to a church, I NEVER knew Jesus and I never understood the Good News of the Gospel. Isn’t that sad? I never knew that being a Christian was about CHRIST!!! All I knew was church membership.

I thought that being “born again” was some kind of intellectual enlightenment about how Christianity (specifically SDA) was the right religion. I thought that being saved meant that you went to church on the “right” day. I thought that you were a “good Christian” if you participated in church and that prayer was about asking for what we wanted or thought we needed.

Yes, I know much or most of this was due to my lack of maturity and laziness. I do not blame the SDA church for that. I just think that it is really sad that I was so close to being lost! And, not only that, that I was so close to never knowing Jesus!!  I could cry. Jesus is so wonderful, I want to praise Him forever! All glory be to Him always.

I have learned a few things since being truly born again this past year:

  1. Following Christ is not a religion–in fact, Christ came to tell us not to BE religious people. Religion breeds traditions of men. Following Christ is a RELATIONSHIP. I heard this before, but I totally missed what it meant. Now I get to talk to Jesus every day, all day. I want to be with Him. I yearn for Him. I’m not saying not to go to church, but I am saying that we need to keep our focus on the right Person–not programs, activities, and religious busyness.
  2. We can’t do anything on our own. We cannot stop sinning on our own. We cannot decide to become more compassionate or generous on our own. We need to yield control to Jesus Christ and we need to crucify our flesh. “Resist the devil and he will flee from you”, James said.  When we allow Jesus Christ to live in us, we can trust that He will make us new creatures. Only then can we walk in holiness.
  3. Satan is always trying to distract us. Whether it be with television “programming” (please take a moment to think about why it’s called that), material satisfactions, NWO/Illuminati, patriots, political agendas, or just too many things to do… he is constantly trying to keep us away from Jesus. Don’t let him. He is defeated. Our battle is spiritual–be alert at all times. Don’t lose focus of Jesus and don’t get riled up over things that don’t really matter. Remember: “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity”… and absolutely pointless.
  4. There is POWER in the Word of God!!! The Word of God is JESUS CHRIST! He is our Defender. We absolutely, positively, unequivocally MUST take the time to fellowship with Him.  The enemy will try to discourage us, tempt us, or just plain lie to us. We need a close walk with the Lord Jesus and trust in the authority and power of His Name over sin.

Jesus Christ is LORD. He took the punishment for your sins and mine. He died in sacrifice, the only perfect and holy lamb. He didn’t have to do it.

But He ROSE AGAIN! Victorious over death! For you. For me. And He loves you so much that your sins–ALL of THEM–will absolutely be forgiven if you ask. “Go and sin no more,” He tells us. We are made a new creation–it’s not a metaphor. It’s not inspirational poetry. It’s real.

The Holy Spirit once told me: “Your sins are washed away.” What joy!!! I love Him.

This is not sentimentality. This is not guilt. This is not naivete. Jesus Christ is the only reality. Everything else is a lie.

I want to keep learning more. I want to know Jesus more. I want to serve Him, and I will continue to seek out His will.

If He is not Lord of your life, I want to tell you that He wants you more than anything. Talk to Him. Ask Him to come into your heart and fill you with His Holy presence. Ask Him to show you the Truth and to forgive your sins. Read His words and do them.


No matter what religion you are.

And if you ARE Seventh-Day Adventist or any other denomination Christian, please make sure you are not the type of “Christian” I was. Examine your heart. Do you have a RELATIONSHIP with Him?  Or will He say on that day: “I never knew you”?

*Though I do believe that the Illuminati, “Elites”, Freemason satanists, New World Order, New Age agenda, etc., etc. is all true, I do not obsess over it, and my belief in God and His truth is not dependent on whether or not these organizations exist. Yes, they rule the world for now… but my God is the one who has everything under His control. My Father is the Creator of the Universe and everything in it… He is the Alpha and the Omega… so I think I’ll be alright.


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