Surviving a Deceitful World

(Please read PART I first.)

TRUTH IS, THERE ARE VOICES beckoning for our attention every moment of the day… what matters is whether or not we are in-tune to their “frequencies.” When our minds are in agreement, even if we don’t consciously realize it, we are in-tune. And there are superhuman efforts put forth to set our minds to the frequency of the voices from the world.

Little by little, our thresholds are stretched, shifted, diminished by the input we allow into our minds. It’s the movies we watch. It’s the magazines we read. It’s the music we listen to. It’s the t.v. shows we don’t miss. It’s programming our mind like the fantastic computer that it is. In fact, it’s CALLED “programming,” and you’ve gotta know it’s not a simple coincidence of semantics.

Think about how you came up with your views about the world… how you came up with your views about moral issues. If you think your opinions came about by your own original thought, you are mistaken. They have mostly been shaped by the input you allow and give authority to… magazine ads advertising decadence and sexuality, awareness spots informing you of the way you should think for the betterment of the world, comedy shows that present sinful lifestyles and behaviors as, not only normal, but to be celebrated. I’m not just talking about sex outside marriage, etc. It’s “little” things… like, “white” lies and gossiping. It’s little things that corrupt values and standards through the back door of our subconscious, if we are not alert. And when this “reality” holds authority in our view, then it’s what we measure our lives up to.

And guess what? The absolute vast majority of the messages out there promote iniquity. It sounds harsh, but it’s true. The world is anti-Bible, anti-Christ. And the world wants your mind to be in-tune and embrace what they tell you reality is.

We NEED to be in harmony with the voice of Jesus, between the frequencies of repentance and holiness. Because the only way we’ll recognize and respond to the Hertz of His voice, through the myriad of all these other voices, is through the study of His words and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.


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