Surviving a Deceitful World


There are few moments in life that make you stop everything you’re doing, thinking, and saying like the death of someone you care about. It’s a moment where our priorities shift and we realize, in just the blink of an eye, that our pursuits in life are, for the most part, futile vanities. Our complaints. Our struggles. Our inconveniences. The business of life is not what fills us. We know this because when that person is gone, we feel numb and empty. We continue to go through the motions of living, but we know it’s just that. If not for one thing: Jesus’ victory over the second death for those who love and follow Him. I WANT to see my loved ones in Heaven with me. I will do all I can to encourage them and encourage whoever reads this. And I hope you’ll do the same for me. Because it’s not easy sometimes.


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