Surviving a Deceitful World

I wanted to record this lest I forget.

I’ve been wrestling with a bit of a sore throat.  It’s just been bothersome, but, overall, not that bad.  Anyway, last night while I was sleeping, I woke up because my throat was hurting me quite a bit.  It was that itchy, raw kinda feeling… like when you feel compelled to cough so hard, you think you may, well, vomit. I was really tired and I wanted to just go back to sleep and not have to get up, make my way to the kitchen, turn on all the lights, take a drink of water, and then struggle to fall back asleep again.  So, if I got up, I would have to go through all that. If I could just fall back asleep, I’d be able to actually get some rest and not be a zombie for the day, trying to take care of my baby.

I decided to pray. I put my hand over my throat and I asked Jesus to heal my throat so I could go back to sleep and be able to do a good job taking care of my baby for the day.  In my sleepiness, I actually prayed with belief, not over-thinking whether or not Jesus would answer me. Just believing that Jesus had the power to do this for me and that He would heal me if He wanted to. I finished my prayer and my throat felt the same. I thought, that’s ok, this is not a super important problem. However, about 3 seconds after finishing my prayer, my throat began to, “crackle.” It did that a couple times, and then my throat felt completely fine! I felt so happy and thankful, I marveled at the love of Jesus for a few minutes before drifting back to sleep.

I suppose you could argue that it went away on its own.  Sure, you can say that. But I know differently.

All praise be to Jesus always.

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