Surviving a Deceitful World

So, wait… are you saying that if you’re a Christian, you’re always right because you have the Holy Spirit?

No, that’s not what I mean.

What I AM saying is that, as we seek out answers to weighty issues, we need to do so with humility and patience. We should not rely on our own reasoning skills as the bottom line. We should not rely on our gut feelings as the bottom line. We can only attain Truth when we realize we cannot depend on ourselves alone to find it.

Truth is. It just is. It’s not subjective. When we align our thoughts with Truth, then we are doing what is right. Not a subjective kind of right, but the actual kind of right.

We look to God for answers because He is the author of Truth. So, rather than coming up with our own rationalizations, let’s be meek and humble, and let us admit that human thoughts are ignorance. We can gather knowledge, facts, and various arguments. We can (and should) seek out Scripture. But understanding and wisdom are only granted by God in the form of guidance by the Holy Spirit.

When we are seeking to act within the will of God (the Truth), then we will be blessed. And when God blesses, it is abundantly and overflowing. Let’s wait on the LORD, trusting Him all the while.


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